Sunday, 3 March 2013

Through my window

Through my window I see
People playing in the sun
Everybody's having fun
Except for me
And I envy
Through my window I see
Other criminals being caught
By the police, their lesson's taught
Just like me
And I'm guilty
Between the bars I see
The sensible friends of mine
All of them having a great time
'Cause they didn't choose a life of crime
I wish that was me
I want to be free
Between the bars I see
Someone I'd robbed with a new purse
But, of course, that just makes it worse
For me
And I'm sorry
Through my window I see the trees
Gently blowing in the breeze
And I'm in prison, on my knees,
Left alone in here to freeze
And the wind on my face is such a tease
Through my window I see
Police and thieves playing cat and mouse
People robbing a big house
And now I see
What I used to be