Monday, 17 October 2011


A few years ago, I woke up in the middle of night to find myself captured on a pirate ship. Although, strangely, I didn't feel afraid, I seemed to know I would get away. I spent a few nights there, teasing them by taking their best swords, and beating them in a fight. One day, the pirates just got fed up with me, they made me walk the plank, but luckily I fell inside their nicest small ship around the edges. It was beautiful, there were gold and red cushions , there was a dragon head at the front and there was a small house under with foods as rich as the queen might eat.

After a few days I arrived at an Island. It was a marvellous, tropical Island, but all I am telling you now is not near the other wonders I was going to see.

A few days later I found I was not alone. Although the animals I found there were quite weird, they were very kind. The first animals I met were Homo floresiensis, the size of a three year old, they told me of the giant Gigantopithecus. A few days later I found myself face to face with the actual Gigantopithecus, at first I was frightened, but then I found he was quite kind, in a few minutes I was having a nice talk with him in sign language. Later on I found a proboscis monkey the same size as a pygmy marmoset. What I liked best was that a grandma cheetah is the same size as a cub cheetah but twice as strong.

Of course I knew I had to leave. However I had fifty dolphins pull my boat, I put a swimming pool in, I made my boat twenty times the size and I brought one of each kind of species. When I finally got back I gave some of my animal's cubs to my friends.

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