Friday, 3 February 2012


Thousands of years ago, when Egyptians knew things nobody else knew, there was the stone. Now you're probably thinking of the philosopher's stone. But no, this stone came from a planet nothing can reach in a faraway galaxy.

This happened on a Monday morning, when a sacred docile crocodile fainted from the horrible heat. Suddenly, a stone fell from the sky, split into two halves, and the good half lodged inside him. However the bad half of the stone fell inside the nearby cloth they were saving to use to make him a mummy. The crocodile then had bad luck. The stone from the sky put a curse upon him that he would always live as long as the cloth with the bad half didn't touch him. A second later the cloth touched him and he was wrapped all over in it (even worse!).

I am now going to tell you about the time he was freed from the curse.

A few years ago there lived a group of scientists. One was proper and smart, ten were normal and the last was a crazy scientist whose parents still acted like Ancient Egyptians, and knew the history quite well they also knew about the sacred crocodile. One day, Dr. Alana (the smart one), was sent to extract some DNA to inspect the crocodile's ancestry. She wanted to know whether sacred crocodiles like this one were what are now known to be the tame species of crocodiles, Crocodylus suchus. Suddenly Dr. John (the crazy one) walked in and asked, "What are you doing?" "Oh I was sent to extract some DNA", answered Dr. Alana. Just as she was about to take off the cloth Dr. John stopped her and said "Its poisonous to human hands".

It was Dr. Isabella's turn to be on guard that night, and this was going to be her very first time! However she did not know that robbers were waiting to steal in. Before very long she had gotten bored and started to have a look in the mummy section, as she was uncovering a mummy crocodile she noticed that it's eyelids had turned bright green and that they were starting to open. Meanwhile she was starting to think she was sleeping when it scratched out in hieroglyphics "You have freed me from the curse so I shall help you defeat the lurking robbers." She stared down at the hieroglyphics in horror. Although she was frightened she somehow thought that there might be robbers and that this crocodile might be able to help her. Meanwhile the crocodile had started writing again. "Stay here without me for a minute Cleopatra is my master and is very intelligent. Let me find her quickly." Dr. Isabella then asked, "Can I see her too?" After they had found Cleopatra they all crept downstairs to find the robbers. However they didn't need to threaten them for these were cowardly robbers and just then they saw the crocodile and ran away.

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