Monday, 20 February 2012


Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Patch the panda Loved to eat bamboo.
Every morning he sang bamboo, bamboo, I Love to chew bamboo! And then he laughed.
Patch's best freind was called Pancake. He hadn't got enough bamboo to eat and a few weeks later he died and Patch was very sad so he decided he had to get a wife so there could be more pandas. But he couldn't find one so he tried to travel to China to find more pandas. He went to China by finding a stick and digging underground to get there. he finally got to China but he needed a rest because he was really tired and he went to rest on the hotel wall. The next day he went into the forest to find a panda so the pandas can live for longer. He found one called Polly, and Polly wanted to find a husband so the giant pandas could go on. They got married and had lots of kids. Patch told Polly about Pancake. Polly was sad as well,she said
"Shall we call one of the boys Pancake then."
"Okay," said Patch. The names of the children were Pilly, Pancake, Ponyo, Po, Peter and Prancer. All of their kids got married, and had more kids, and went on forever.

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